Shrink tunnels

General features:

  • shrinking chamber with full recycling of hot air
  • adjustable air-flow and speed
  • digital temperature control
  • automatic turn-off mechanism when temperature drops below 80°
  • fixed or Teflon-coated rod conveyance
  • thermal protection against sudden power rise/fall
  • usable with all heat-shrinking films, PE with Teflon belt

Shrinking tunnels were developed to solve shrinking problems of items of various sizes.

They can be used with all shrinking films available on the market. In addition, they can be utilized with all packaging machines whose shape they maintain, or they can be fixed to them, therefore ensuring elegant and orderly looks in addition to being easy to use.

Shrink wrapping chambers tunnel in horizontally movable thanks to the frontal handles in order to centre the chamber's tunnel with incoming products.

One Chamber shrink tunnels

Characteristics/model 45T 55T
Chamber’s sizes (l x p x a) mm 970 x 450 x 300 970 x 550 x 300
Tunnel size (l x w x h) mm 970 x 1170 x 1570 970 x 1270 x 1570
Speed m/min. 24 24

Double chambers shrink tunnel

Characteristics/model 45TL 55TL 75TL 105TL
Chamber’s sizes (l x p x a) mm 1435x450x300 1435x550x300 1800x750x400 1800x1000x400
Tunnel size (l x w x h) mm 1434x1170x1570 1434x1170x1570 2610x1400x1800 2610x1400x1800
Speed m/min. 35 35 25 24
Characteristics/model 150TL 200TL 250TL 300TL
Chamber’s sizes (l x p x a) mm 2500x1550x400 2500x2000x400 3000x2600x600 3500x3100x600
Tunnel size (l x w x h) mm 3500x200x1850 3500x2500x1850 4000x3000x1850 4500x3600x1850
Speed m/min. 15 15 15 15

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