Slicing machines

The great variety of different models is characterized by the carefully-selected material used in their making, by practicality stemming from a very high technological content, and from a total reliability as regards clearing and safety guaranteed by full compliance with the strictest standards relating to food processing – and, last but not lest, a design capable of combining classic and modern in and inimitable harmony of lines and forms. Slicers can be used to different purposes, due to versions at household, bar and pubs, snack, small pizza-restaurants, big restaurants, catering business, canteens, grocery, butchery, supermarkets and industry.


  • brad
  • cheese
  • vegetable
  • sausages, cooked ham, boneless / with bone ham
  • fresh and cooked meat
  • frozen meat, fish

Common features in all slicers:

  • fine polishing and anodizing treatment
  • hygienic and long lasting
  • forged, hardened large thickness blades
  • long lasting and easy to sharpen cutting edge
  • Cast-in sharpener assembly is standard for all slicers bigger than 200A.I.
  • easy and precise sharpening
  • reliable poliV belt drive
  • great reliability, silent running and easy servicing
  • asynchronous 6 poles motors
  • carriage running on self-lubricating bushes
  •  long lasting sliding performance

CE Professional slicers:

  • removable carriage and thickness gauge blocking device
  • easy and safe to clean
  • safety device against accidental switching on

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