Automatic strapping machine



Is a fully automatic machine for strap items of any size, with the possibility to tie an item with one or more bindings through polypropylene strap-band by thermowelding system. The machine consists of a strong and solid central steel frame with sliding of the strapping head on both axes using linear guides in hardened steel.


  • Strapping-band dimensions 12 mm x 0.65 mm/0.80 mm
  • Minimum strapping height 200 mm
  • Maximum pallet height 2500 mm
  • Device for auto-centering
  • Self-learning strapping dimensions
  • Up to 9 stored strapping programs
  • Strapping force variable by program
  • Launching strapping speed controlled by inverter
  • Alarm control and maintenance by p.l.c.
  • Arc in aluminum with guides anti-jam in polyethylene for high sliding
  • Strapping-band storage guaranteed for optimal slide of the band
  • Electrical panel control separate to according on the layout
  • Weights Balancing system through ballast (300 kg) for more safety of operators
  • Anti-intrusive metallic cage with electronic safety barriers
  • Very simple to use
  • Capacity: 50 pallets/hour (with three bindings)


  • Corner device
  • Additional anti-intrusive kit
  • Machine on mobile basement 2 stations
  • Machine on mobile basement 3 stations
  • Additional station