Check weigher (only balance belt)



It’s an automatic machine to control the weight for product up to 2 kg, usually punnets. It can be equipped with one or two diverters to differentiate the products underweight and overweight. The weighing group is separated from the eject device to avoid vibrations in the balance. Infeed or outfeed conveyor-belts shall be provided separately to according on the layout, as well as diverter devices for product that these can be placed where deemed appropriate.


  • Accuracy: +/-1g (1g division)
  • Absolute silence
  • Electro-pneumatic actuation
  • Very compact structure
  • Very simple to use
  • Extreme flexibility of use
  • Capacity: over 100 packs/min (depend from product dimensions)


  • Variable length of Infeed conveyor-belt/Outfeed conveyor-belt
  • Double pneumatic side diverter device “ELA” (outfeed conveyor-belt minimum L=1000 mm)
  • Diverter 3 lines “SPART”
  • Diverter 2 lines “DEVO”
  • "Approved" Version CBOX-OM with certification MID