Fruits counter line



High productivity line composed of 3 machines such as: fruits counter, unstacking and filler punnets, suitable for automatic filling punnets with a precise number of spheroidal shape fruits main take preset. Only fruits counter  can be used in combination with other types of filling machines (example bags). The machine is composed of 3 independent channels and is equipped with an additional control mechanism of counting in order to ensure high speed without the possibility of error. Each channel has its own motor, and its own inverter for speed control with electronic regulator. The fruits, however, are transported by specially shaped soft rubber rollers advancing simultaneously perform a rotation about themselves in order to rotate the fruits that is in contact. The study of the transport system and drain the fruit is designed to minimize the impact to the benefit of the sensitivity during treatment.



  • Absolute sensitivity
  • Possibility to change the pitch of the rollers according to the size of the fruit
  • Standard pitch: ømin 30 mm; ømax 65 mm
  • Large pitch: ømin 40 mm; ømax 80 mm
  • Possibility of mixing of different sizes of fruit
  • Channels and chains independent
  • Variable speed by inverter
  • Soft rubber rollers shaped and “rotating”
  • Anti-jam device fruits input
  • Input and output stainless hoppers (INOX AISI 304)
  • Multiple mounting configurations dependent upon from layout
  • Alarm control by PLC
  • Absolutely noiseless
  • Compact structure
  • Very simple to use
  • Capacity: over 50 packs / min (depends on the number of the fruits)



  • Kit for fruits mixing

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