Palletizer robot



Machine composed of a solid structure in painted steel, designed for palletizing of boxes. The machine use an innovative and fast system to handling on both axes through two circuits of parallel chains and a single motor. Is equipped with pneumatic grippers for the taking of boxes. The packaging rotation is done on a motorized roller conveyor. Thanks to the new structural design have been optimized dimensions, in fact the composition of the pallet is made into the main frame.


  • Ability to work any type of packaging
  • Arranging of packages in any format
  • Electrical panel control separate to according on the layout
  • Program management through simple and intuitive touch screen interface
  • Very simple to use
  • Alarms control and maintenance by plc
  • Safety barriers included in the main frame
  • Entry side boxes and evacuation side pallet according to the requirements (see layout)
  • Modular chassis system, very fast, for easy transport
  • Very compact structure
  • Capacity: up to 3 cycles/min


  • Conveyor chain/rollers input/output pallet
  • Arranging of packages in Buchel format

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