Punnet machine



It’s an automatic machine at high performance for packaging in a tubular net, punnets for fruit and vegetables with a patented automatic device exchange tube. It’s also equipped with a reel change of labels flag at continuous cycle. Thanks to the system used can completely eliminate downtime and optimizing productivity.


  • Pneumatic functioning
  • Packs from 0,5 to 2 kg without any parameter change
  • Automatic Exchange tube in about 10 seconds
  • High autonomy for each tubes hold net
  • Doesn’t need worker to unroll net along tube
  • Device for not crush the fruit
  • Double coil flag labels at continuous cycle
  • Printer TOSHIBA for flag labels at high-resolutions
  • Printer with labels memory
  • Double coil band for handle punnets
  • Innovative “soft” device for advancing punnets (patented)
  • Alarm control and maintenance by plc
  • Double push-button controls for better ergonomics
  • Absolute pack counter
  • Indicator of actual production (packs/min)
  • Speed regulator at two set points
  • Autonomous lubrication of clipping machine through large electric control pump
  • Glove for containing spare materials consumables
  • Boxes and punnets support during loading integrated on the frame
  • Closing package through traditional metal plate in coil (5x0,30/0,35 mm)
  • Very simple to use
  • Output: over 50 packs/min (number of cycles to empty)


  • Electronic printer Toshiba

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