Turbovac, based in Holland, is one of the founders of the vacuum packaging machine. Turbovac combines more than 60 years of experience with craftsmanship, state of the art design and manufacturing technology.

Reliability, durability and Innovation
Through continuous development of its products, advanced engineering and modern production facilities, Turbovac has a proven track record as one of the leaders in the field of vacuum packaging machines, renown for its quality build, reliability and durability.

Complete product line
Turbovac offers a complete product line that fulfils the vacuum packing needs for small to medium size food processing in many industries.

Leading brand
Turbovac equipment is distributed in more than 70 countries and is one of the leading brands of vacuum packaging machines worldwide. Local presence by network of Turbovac dealers guarantees fast service, spare parts availability and tailor-made advice.

Some of Turbovac latest innovations

  • Easily understandable, transparent product range for making the right choice
  • Easy and fast seal-wire replacement
  • Easily removable silicon bars for cleaning behind the bar
  • Hygienic design for easy cleaning
  • Intuitive digital control unit, easy to set and easy to read

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